Vestd illustrations

My first professional work in terms of illustration, done for Vestd.

I’ve started by illustrating ideas from existing blog posts. Each blog post had a different subject, so I took a note of the most important words. This allowed me to put some ideas together and start drawing on the paper.

It was important to illustrate people sharing ownership and working together towards the same goal. As soon as we agreed on a drawing style, I started replicating it. Came up with a few human cartoons with the following properties:

  • No hair;
  • Little facial expression;
  • Multiple skin colours;
  • Simple clothes;
  • Almost genderless.

My early process was very time consuming – drawing on the paper, taking a picture, fixing imperfections on my laptop, and finally adding colour. I wanted to speed up the process, so I got myself an iskn Slate drawing tablet. It saved me a lot of time, as my drawings were automatically saved in a vector format.

This is work in progress and definitely a continuous learning process. Very satisfying!

Some colour variations of the rocket illustration
Plant pot
Apple team
A few sketches