Vestd community

Design work done for a previous Vestd product – a community and equity distribution platform.

It was a community of business owners offering equity and experts wanting to help. Business owners could create tasks/rewards in exchange for equity in their business. Expertise for equity.

Me and another web developer built the minimum viable product (MVP). This was at the early stage of the business. We ended up becoming part of the full time team.

The product kept evolving and I learned a lot along the way.

Both marketing site and web application used the same design language – a clean, easy to use interface. Turquoise, being the brand colour, was predominant on the site. The layout was fully responsive – optimised to be viewed on different devices.

Some of the user flows were challenging (e.g. company incorporation) but we wanted to make sure our users had the best experience.

It was built in Angular – a Javascript-based framework. The page templates were HTML and CSS/SASS. We used the Bootstrap library too.

Quick comparison of features
Video player with marketing message
Different versions of the join page
User dashboard
Business profile
Example of a company incorporation screen
Example of a company incorporation screen
Task guidance
Task messaging