Marketing site designed, built and maintained for Vestd.

Vestd helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) setting up and managing share schemes. Equity distribution is a complex world and Vestd does a very good job at easing the pain in the process.

Most of my work has been done on the marketing site. The homepage has changed significantly over time – but always with enough calls to action to make sure users knew what to do next. There are a few different layouts, depending on the type of content. Keeping users engaged was always a priority.

Fully responsive layout in every page. No matter what device users open the website with – content will adapt to any screen size.

There is an image preloading technique in place on some pages. It loads a low quality placeholder image instantly, while the original image is being loaded in the background. This prevents large images from slowing down page load times, as well as from pushing the rest of the content down when they’re displayed.

Within the useful collection of resources on the site, there are calculators I built in Javascript. For example, users are able to calculate and compare the net benefit of different share schemes.

I’ve also designed a style guide for the web application. It helps reducing the number of decisions the development team has to make, speeding up changes to the user interface, while preventing inconsistencies.

The marketing site is built in HTML and CSS/SASS – based on the Bootstrap library. A static version of the site is generated by Jekyll. Content is editable via the CloudCannon online content management system.

Note: prices displayed are merely informative.

Split layout on the site
Pricing page
Calculator listing page
Equity Fundamentals ebook download page
Example of a tax calculator
Example of a component page on the style guide
Example of a component page on the style guide