DTAG website

Website designed to promote the two degrees (bachelor and masters) offered by the Technology and Graphic Arts department of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, in Portugal. Designed and built by me and a friend from school.

The target audience was essentially prospective students and curious people. We had to include all the important information about both degrees (description, requirements, career opportunities, etc) in a bilingual platform.

We wanted to build something colourful. The background is dark to provide high contrast with the light page content. The landing page shows links to both degrees, as well as the latest relevant news.

The structure consists of an accordion style navigation – four main categories with submenus. It’s very easy and quick to navigate through the site.

It was built in HTML and CSS. The jQuery Javascript library is used to render a few visual effects.

Course details page
Student work and awards page
Events page
Downloads page
Contact page